Zemper Restorative Therapy

Welcome to Zemper Restorative Therapy, here I hope that you will find all that you need in order to learn what I have to offer in treatment of a wide variety of injuries and chronic issues.

Imagine finding a way to quickly heal an old injury that has nagged at you for years. Maybe a back injury, or an old strain that never seemed to heal completely. It could be pain that you experience due to the repetitive nature of your job or other activities. Most people accept these things as something that just has to be lived with; "perhaps it will clear up in time". When it doesn't clear up, what do you do? Another common fallacy in my eyes is; "I'm getting older, I just have to learn to accept it".

Whether these sound like your situation, or you have a recent injury, read on! The links above / to the left will access pages that explain my method of treatment, myofascial release, Active Release Technique (ART) and releasing nerve entrapments.

Each of the linked pages attempts to provide information which will help you to decide if my method can be of any help to you. I recommend reading the Zemper Method page to begin with. I hope that you come to understand that if it's a soft tissue issue; I'm exceedingly able to remedy it.

Some information about me: my education and ultimate degree is in exercise physiology. I'm a coach that wound up gravitating to therapy. I believe that my own experience with athletics and injuries helps me to have a greater understanding of the injuries that others are dealing with. The pain that I have experienced personally, helps me to have compassion for what others are enduring.